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Addiction destroys millions of lives daily.  The effects of one persons illness can create damages to everyone around that person.  Whether it is Illicit Drugs, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, or other addictive behaviors.. help is available.

Private and Confidential

Substance abuse treatment is completely confidential.  Federal and local laws protects your privacy to help you feel secure in seeking treatment.  Without your specific permission, none of your information is EVER released.  You can seek private help without it having an affect on your job, school, or relationships that you have.  The most important part is seeking help.

Individual Treatment

The type of treatment you will receive is a combination of what is clinically appropriate and what you agree upon.  Your level of treatment could become more or less intense depending on your needs.  There are many Levels of treatment including Detoxification Services, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, and standard Outpatient treatment.  Upon stabilization, you may decide to attend Aftercare treatment as needed.

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